Quality Legal Representation and Experience You Can Trust

Steven Slimovitch is a bilingual criminal defence lawyer based in Montreal, with over 30 years of experience in private practice.

He has vast experience defending clients under investigation or accused of offences pertaining to the Canadian Criminal Code, Controlled Drug and Substance Act, the Income Tax Act, and the Quebec Highway Safety Act among others.

He has successfully represented clients before all levels of courts, including at the Supreme Court of Canada.

His commitment to quality representation begins with prompt responses to clients’ questions, an honest explanation of options, and a thorough preparation of their case.

Although the office is located in the Old Port of Montreal, Steven Slimovitch is available to represent clients throughout the Province of Quebec.

In fact, he has also represented clients in other provinces including New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

Protecting Your Rights After an Arrest

As soon as you are stopped by the police, contacting an experienced criminal defence lawyer is your best move.

Steven Slimovitch will help you through the entire process from arrest to arraignment to preliminary inquiry, and trial.

His exceptional track record and reputation have developed as a result of his dedication to his clients and his tireless protection of their rights and freedoms.

Areas of Legal Expertise

Steven Slimovitch in the News

Steven Slimovitch is often asked by the media to explain and comment on legal matters in the news.
His expertise in criminal defence have made him a frequent contributor to programming for major media outlets.

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