The law of firearms

Montreal Firearms Offences Lawyer

The law governing firearms is quite complicated in Canada. Some weapons are restricted while others are prohibited. For example, you could own and transport a rifle, if you have the appropriate licenses. This is an example of a restricted weapon. Sub-machine guns such as an AK-47 assault rifle are prohibited weapons and therefore are completely forbidden under any circumstances (for the general public).

These are important definitions to keep in mind when dealing with an offence related to firearms.

There are six types of offences regarding firearms in Canada and within each of these types are found specific crimes: 

  • Use Offences, Using firearm in commission of offence, Using imitation firearm in commission of offence, Contravention of storage regulations, etc., Pointing a firearm
  • Possession Offences, Possession of weapon for dangerous purpose, Carrying weapon while attending public meeting, Carrying concealed weapon, Unauthorized possession of firearm, Unauthorized possession of prohibited weapon or restricted weapon, Possession of firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized, Possession of prohibited weapon, device or ammunition knowing its possession is unauthorized, Possession at unauthorized place, Unauthorized possession in motor vehicle, Possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition, Possession of weapon obtained by commission of offence, Breaking and entering to steal firearm, Robbery to steal firearm
  • Weapons trafficking, Weapons trafficking, Possession for purpose of weapons trafficking, Transfer without authority
  • Assembling Offences: Making automatic firearm
  • Export and Import Offences, Importing or exporting knowing it is unauthorized, Unauthorized importing or exporting
  • Offences relating to Lost, Destroyed or Defaced Weapons, etc, Losing or finding, Destroying, False statements, Tampering with serial number

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