Disciplinary law for professionals

Disciplinary law & professional law lawyer in Montreal

In Quebec certain professionals (doctors, accountants, pharmacists, etc.) are governed by the Code des Professions, which has certain standards of practice to protect public interests. Courts may decide that professionals that are proven not to have respected these standards could face disciplinary law against them.

Each professional Order also has its own enabling statute and code of ethics. For example, lawyers are governed by the Bar act and the Code of ethics for lawyers. Each Order also has the responsibility to create a body that will investigate the allegation as well as a disciplinary committee that acts as a court, hears the evidence, and imposes sanctions if warranted.

An accusation of breach of ethics is no laughing matter; your livelihood, professional reputation, and future income potential are hanging in the balance. It is crucial to seek experienced counsel when dealing with such allegations. Steven Slimovitch will guide you through this complex process in order to avoid crucial strategic errors when communicating with the Order.

What Steven Slimovitch Can Offer You

When you or someone you know is facing professional disciplinary charges, it is important to retain the services of an experienced disciplinary law lawyer (or professional law lawyer) as soon as possible. Steven Slimovitch represents professionals (lawyers, doctors accountants, etc.) when they are accused of breaching professional standards set out by their respective Order. Steven Slimovitch is a highly skilled and experienced defence lawyer with a very impressive track record in this area. His expertise can be the difference between loss of license to practice and complete withdrawal of the charges. He has defended many people accused of disciplinary offences and has successfully supported them throughout the legal process and enabled them to get their lives back on track.